Tour of chernoby doug

Chernobyl is a place for extreme tourists, eager for new impressions and emotions. But not only the sarcophagus of the nuclear reactor and the ghost town of Pripyat attract to the Zone. An interesting object is Chernobyl radar station “Duga”. We invite everyone to a fascinating journey to the place, which became the inspiration for creation of world of "Stalker".

Ten kilometers from the nuclear power station is the construction of gigantic proportions - a radar station “Duga”, and next to it is stretched an abandoned military town  “Chernobyl-2”. Once the secret object (before the explosion at the plant even locals did not know what it is) is now turned into a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Trips from “Duga” to “Chernobyl-2” were opened in 2013. Monolithic steel construction height of 150 meters and a width of 770 meters was a radar station of early warning of ballistic missiles attacks. Today it is a reminder of Cold War times.  The antenna required a huge amount of energy - about 10 megawatts. Therefore, the location close to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was logical.

More interesting information about the large-scale military facility can be found by ordering the tour, "Duga - Chernobyl-2". The program includes a visiting:

  • military camp;
  • radar station (large and small antennas);
  • secret objects (command, training centers);
  • equipment exhibition.

We do everything to make the journey comfortable and interesting! The group is accompanied by professional guides, and only modern tourist buses are used during the trip.