Michael Mayzevan, 56 years
San Francisco, USA

"The trip was very memorable, well-organized and informative. Guide was well prepared. Thanks guys!"
Roman Egorov, 44 years old
Drezden, Germany

I presented to wife for her anniversary a trip to Chernobyl zone. After hearing different stories, she wanted to see all with her own eyes. It has already passed a month after my wife has returned from excursion, but she cannot calm down - emotions overflow till now. Thanks employees of Chernobyl-tour for the competent organization and a lot of interesting stories. Our friends, listening to them, come to delight!
Artur Baghdasaryan, 32 years old
Spitak, Armenia

I liked all very much. But there is one drawback – I booked a 1-day trip and, of course, I did not have time to see everything! I’ll come again for sure.
Katryn shous, 26 years
Munich, Germany

Learned a lot of new things. Just a lot of impressions. Still, better to see with your own eyes than to listen to different stories. Amazed that accompany could answer any tricky questions! And the excursion is just 5 points!
Simon V., 38 years old
Haifa, Israel

I want to note that pictures and video programs do not transmit the fullness of emotion. Plus I was pleasantly surprised of friendliness of local population. Thank U!