Visiting Rules

§ 1. Who can become the visitor of a zone?

- Any person from any country which is 18 full years old at the moment of entrance to the Zone, not having medical contra-indications for visiting of a zone of raised ionizing radiation can visit the exclusion zone.
- Entrance to the Zone and departure from it is carried out only through check-points, only if you have visit permission, and only if you have a passport (be attentive: only the passport is the unique document resolving visiting the Zone and no other document, proving your identity, will not grant you the right to enter).
- It is forbidden to bring any weapon to the Zone.

§ 2. TheProhibition

- Persons in a state of intoxication and a condition of syndrome of an alcoholic/narcotic hang-over can't start a trip and enter the Zone. Complaints are not accepted, the advance payment does not come back.
- During a trip it is forbidden to take alcohol and narcotic substances.

§ 3. Moral behaviour of tourists

- The visitor of the Zone does not leave any traces of his visit to the Zone, no artifacts of the XXI century. The Zone should remain in 1986 forever. You should take all your stuff with you.
- Making drawings or inscriptions on subjects and walls of constructions, destruction and breaking objects and subjects of the Zone WILL BE PREVENTED IMMEDIATELY, up to the termination of visiting and departure from the Zone.  Perpetrators of such acts of vandalism will be recorded in a public blacklist of the Zone with the date and description of the violation.
- It is strictly forbidden to take out ANY items from the Zone.  Infringement of this requirement is a criminal offence (article 267-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine).

§ 4. Security of each and the entire group

- The Zone is a dangerous place and it is not intended for walks (in the usual sense of this word). ThereforeitisallowedtomoveinsidetheZone:
   Only on a specified route
   Only with the conductor and/or guide
   Only with group.

Orders of the conductors/guides knowing the Zone and its dangers, are carried out by group and its each participant IMPLICITLY. Failure to meet requirements or instructions of conductors (no less than indistinct or their overdue performance) can lead to accident.

Many structures in the Zone threaten with a collapse. To approach to buildings and to come into them it is possible only with the permission of accompanying.

To enter the territory of the working enterprises and regime objects, to photograph and make video it is possible only with the permission of a conductor/guide.

We want it or not, the collective responsibility principle operates in the Zone: if one person from group is seriously injured - it is necessary to curtail excursion urgently and carry the victim person to hospital. Therefore requirements of conductors/guides are rigid, and are observed strictly.

§ 5. Radiation precautions

Official Rules of staying in the exclusion Zone allow to wear only closed clothes: trousers, shirt or jacket with the long sleeve, closed footwear (desirable with thick sole). IT IS FORBIDDEN TO WEAR: shorts, truncated trousers, skirts, open footwear, short sleeves.

Human behavior, which is in the exclusion Zone should be based on an understanding of the presence of a particular health danger.