Excursions in Kiev

The fact that Kiev is one of the most beautiful cities in the world knows everything, but not everyone knows the history and legends of the city. Our company is happy to arrange tours for you wonderful and forever young, but at the same time mysterious and mystical in our city .. Since you will be working and highly experienced guides who will answer all your questions about the places visited. We show you the most majestic places, beautiful scenery of breathtaking, do everything to make you seen Attraction left only the most pleasant and unforgettable memories. Subject excursions objects to visit, language depends on your choice. If you have a desire to see the capital of Ukraine.

Cost of the excursion

- the cost of a 3-hour sightseeing excursion
- up to 3 people - 1200 UAH, more than 3 people - $30 per person, The excursion price includes guide and transport
- the cost of the excursion for more than 3 hours or with specialized subjects considered individually.

Separately we offer trips to Jewish holy places in Ukraine.