Are you attracted to horror movie landscapes? You keep wondering if there is a place on Earth that resembles these abandoned cities and destroyed buildings? Good news - there is at least one such place! This is the Chernobyl exclusion zone located in Ukraine.

A two-day trip to the Chernobyl zone opens the door for you to this unique place. In this short time, you will receive not only a tour of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the city of Pripyat, but also an exclusive experience of spending the night in an empty city. This is by far the deepest dive into the history of a major disaster.

The variety of the Chernobyl zone will amaze you with its originality. A two-day trip will allow you to learn more about the unusual nature affected by radiation. Abandoned houses will not leave you indifferent, filling with sad stories of their former owners. In the Zone you can also meet self-settlers - people who want to be closer to nature. They live in the Exclusion Zone, away from the rat race.

We provide a transfer from Kiev and equipment for protection against radioactive hazards. Considering that you have two days in the Zone, you will have more than enough time to walk and plunge into the atmosphere of the place, as well as learn more about the history of the tragedy. You will fully appreciate the consequences of radiation pollution. It will not leave you indifferent.

List of visited places

  • Abandoned village Zalesye;
  • Huge secret radar station "Duga-1" and the city of Chernobyl-2;
  • The village of Kopachi and the still standing kindergarten are almost completely underground;
  • The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is covered with a new safe confinement - the Arch;
  • NPP cooling pond with giant catfish;
  • Red Forest;
  • Fire Department;
  • City of Pripyat (walk 2 days);
  • Unfinished NPP;
  • Car cemetery and Janow railway station;
  • Accommodation in a hotel in the city of Chernobyl.