Private tour trip to Chernobyl from Kiev

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is definitely a unique place. Everyone sees something new in this place: radiation, a "red" forest, abandoned streets and buildings, or a powerful story.

In order to bring you the best trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, we have created a private Chernobyl tour, which means you can choose the places to visit! Depending on your goal and desire, we will help you organize the best tour especially for you.

Private Chernobyl tour is an opportunity to talk with an experienced guide, and not just listen to his story. You can ask questions about specific topics that interest you. Moreover, you can determine how long you want to be in a particular place, arrange a photo session and explore the objects deeper.

Some fascinating places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone are not included in the list of group tours due to lack of time. A private tour, on the other hand, allows you to change your tour plan. An excellent example is a burial ground for equipment used to eliminate an explosion. The disordered tons of metal that served man are now in the Exclusion Zone.

This is just one example of sites that elude most tourists. Private Chernobyl Tour is the best way to organize a unique trip to a unique place.

Tour duration

  • By agreement!
  • Tour language: English!

List of visited places

  • You choose which places to visit;
  • Visiting IDPs - people who continue to live in the zone;
  • Yacht club in Pripyat;
  • Pripyat cemetery;
  • Any locations from 1-6 day tours.

Note: There are several places you can visit. You can agree on the route and places you want to visit with the managers, as well as with your guide.


  • Individual program;
  • Just you and the guide;
  • Unique experience;
  • Dosimetric control;
  • Go wherever you want.