Every colossal disaster leaves a mark on the planet. The Chernobyl disaster is considered the worst man-made disaster the world has ever seen.

We invite you to see the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion in the area that is now called the Chernobyl exclusion zone. It remains one of the most mysterious places on the planet, full of myths and horror stories. By making a day trip to the Chernobyl zone, you can complement it and create your own huge memorable history.

Empty streets, abandoned houses, destroyed buildings - this is the effect of radiation emanating from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, reactor 4. Such landscapes and radiation levels make a trip to the Chernobyl zone especially fascinating - to hear the stories told by our guide and your imagination is carried away in the old days explosion.

A day trip to Chernobyl gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the very place where the worst disaster happened. The background radiation in some places is still excessively high, but we suggest you a safe route through this terrible area along with the necessary protective equipment.

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is considered the most dangerous place in Ukraine, if not the entire planet, but is it really so? Join us on a safe one day journey through this exciting and unique area!

List of visited places

  • Abandoned village Zalesye;
  • Huge secret radar station "Duga-1" and the city of Chernobyl-2;
  • The village of Kopachi and the still standing kindergarten are almost completely underground;
  • The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is covered with a new safe confinement - the Arch;
  • NPP cooling pond with giant catfish;
  • Red Forest;
  • Fire Department;
  • The city of Pripyat.