Tours in Chernobyl

Visiting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the abandoned city of Pripyat is extraordinary in terms of tourism activity. The man who decided to visit the places still suffering the consequences of the most terrible technogenic disaster in the history of mankind, causes inhabitants confusion and even fear. What attracts and encourages him to visit phantom-city and surrounding area? To satisfy curiosity and to feel unknown sensations is the true reason of such decision.

The civilisation thrown 25 years ago was developing according to the laws and rules of nature all this time, without any human influence. The result is a nature reserve with a unique flora and fauna, centered on the abandoned city of Pripyat. Surprisingly the progress created by human hands has interwined and mixed up with wild nature confidently absorbing it. Such phenomenon is not present in any point of globe.

All this is worth to see it by own eyes at least once in life. Why people eager to return to the territory left before? Why is there a desire to go back again and again? We will try to find answers to these questions with you after visiting the Chernobyl Zone. Looking forward for a meeting, my friends!

Individual tour (up to 7 persons, “an increasing number of tourists is considered individually”) planned only for you or your group for date convenient for you and on the route coordinated with you.

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Group tour (planned in advance on the date specified by us, up to 50 persons)

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Michael Mayzevan, 56 years
San Francisco, USA

""The trip was very memorable, well-organized and informative. Guide was well prepared. Thanks guys!""
Roman Egorov, 44 years old
Drezden, Germany

"I presented to wife for her anniversary a trip to Chernobyl zone. After hearing different stories, she wanted to see all with her own eyes. It has already passed a month after my wife has returned from excursion, but she cannot calm down - emotions overflow till now. Thanks employees of Chernobyl-tour for the competent organization and a lot of interesting stories. Our friends, listening to them, come to delight!"
Artur Baghdasaryan, 32 years old
Spitak, Armenia

"I liked all very much. But there is one drawback – I booked a 1-day trip and, of course, I did not have time to see everything! I’ll come again for sure. "
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