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Frequently Asked Questions

From what age it is allowed to visit the Zone?
- From 18 years old

What should be the clothes?
- Official Rules of staying in the exclusion Zone allow to wear only closed clothes: trousers, shirt or jacket with the long sleeve, closed footwear (desirable with thick sole). IT IS FORBIDDEN TO WEAR: shorts, truncated trousers, skirts, open footwear, short sleeves.

What it is necessary to take with myself?
- It would be very good, if you took warm clothes, convenient footwear for excursion and an umbrella as weather can be changeable, and also necessary medicines. The most important thing is the passport. It is desirable - good mood.

Is photo-video shooting resolved?
- Yes, it is resolved. There are few places where it is forbidden (the guide will indicate them).

What restrictions exist?
- To take unknown subjects of constructions, to touch trees and plants;
- To collect and use in food mushrooms, berries, fruit and nuts from woods and gardens of the thrown settlements;
- To sit on the ground;
- To put photo- and video equipment, bags, backpacks and other personal things on the ground in unknown places.

Think before something to make, take care of yourself and you will come back home healthy and the main thing with unforgettable impressions. We guarantee it.

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